US NOAA update

October/November 2018

27 charts have been updated in the GeoGarage platform

(NOAA update November 16th, 2018)

Today 1024 NOAA raster charts (2147 including sub-charts) are included in the GeoGarage platform (see PDFs files)

  • 513 ed10 Bering Sea Southern Part
  • 514 ed9 Bering Sea Northern Part
  • 11371 ed42 Lake Borgne and approaches Cat Island to Point aux Herbes
  • 12327 ed108 New York Harbor
  • 13218 ed44 Martha's Vineyard to Block Island
  • 13229 ed34 FOLIO SMALL-CRAFT CHART South Coast of Cape Cod and Buzzards Bay
  • 13274 ed30 Portsmouth Harbor to Boston Harbor; Merrimack River Extension
  • 14786 ed15 SMALL-CRAFT BOOK CHART New York State Canal System (book of 61 Charts)
  • 14842 ed17 SMALL-CRAFT BOOK CHART - Port Clinton to Sandusky. including the Islands (book of 35 charts)
  • 14846 ed16 SMALL-CRAFT BOOK CHART - West End of Lake Erie from Perrysburg. OH.. of the Maumee R. to Huron R.. Mich.. and Bar Pt.. Ont. (book of 34 charts)
  • 14901 ed17 Lake Michigan (Mercator Projection)
  • 14902 ed31 North end of Lake Michigan. including Green Bay
  • 14905 ed33 Waukegan to South Haven;Michigan City;Burns International Harbor;New Buffalo
  • 1113A ed32 Havana to Tampa Bay (Oil and Gas Leasing Areas)
  • 4148 ed3 Havana to Tampa Bay
  • 11420 ed32 Havana to Tampa Bay
  • 11478 ed26 Port Canaveral;Canaveral Barge Canal Extension
  • 11481 ed10 Approaches to Port Canaveral
  • 12200 ed53 Cape May to Cape Hatteras
  • 12316 ed37 Intracoastal Waterway Little Egg Harbor to Cape May;Atlantic City
  • 12401 ed13 New York Lower Bay Southern part
  • 13009 ed38 Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank
  • 13260 ed43 Bay of Fundy to Cape Cod
  • 14848 ed60 Detroit River
  • 14852 ed48 St. Clair River;Head of St. Clair River
  • 14853 ed19 SMALL-CRAFT BOOK CHART - Detoit River. Lake St. Clair and St. Clair River (book of 47 charts)
  • 25679 ed11 Bahia de Guanica

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