NZ Linz update

March 2019


20 charts has been updated in the GeoGarage platform
Linz March update published April 5, 2019 (Updated to NTM Ed5 08/03/19 NZ35-38 & NTM Ed6, March 22th, 2019 NR39-13)​

  • NZ53 Bream Head to Slipper Island including Hauraki Gulf
  • NZ532 Approaches to Auckland
  • NZ533 Firth of Thames
  • NZ955 Plans of the Cook Islands southern sheet
  • NZ5212 Plans between Whangamumu and Omaha Cove
  • NZ5227 Goat Island to Waiwera River
  • NZ5321 Mahurangi Harbour to Rangitoto Island
  • NZ5322 Auckland Harbour East
  • NZ5324 Tamaki Strait and Approaches including Waiheke Island
  • NZ5325 Tamaki River
  • NZ5327 Waiheke Island to Coromandel Peninsula
  • NZ7142 Greymouth Harbour and Approaches
  • NZ48 Western Approaches to Cook Strait
  • NZ63 Kaikoura Peninsula to Banks Peninsula
  • NZ885 Tokelau
  • NZ5411 Tauranga Harbour, Katikati Entrance to Mount Maunganui
  • NZ6153 Queen Charlotte Sound
  • NZ6212 Plans on the North East Coast of South Island
  • NZ7653 Breaksea Sound and Dusky Sound
  • NZ7656 Dusky Sound

Today NZ Linz charts (187 charts / 329 including sub-charts) are displayed in the Marine GeoGarage.

Note :  LINZ produces official nautical charts to aid safe navigation in New Zealand waters and certain areas of Antarctica and the South-West Pacific.

These updates are automatically viewable on mobile applications :

Using charts safely involves keeping them up-to-date using Notices to Mariners & AT Local NTMs
Reporting a Hazard to Navigation - H Note :
Mariners are requested to advise the New Zealand Hydrographic Authority at LINZ of the discovery of new or suspected dangers to navigation, or shortcomings in charts or publications.

Legal status : For compliance with New Zealand legal requirements for nautical charts and publications please refer to Maritime Rules Part 25.