US NOAA update

December 2015

21 charts have been updated in the GeoGarage platform

(NOAA update December 2015, released December 15th, 2015)

note : main updated charts includes Areas To Be Avoided (ATBA) in the region of the Aleutian Islands 

Today 1024 NOAA raster charts (2234 including sub-charts) are included in the GeoGarage platform (see PDFs files)

  • 50 ed11 North Pacific Ocean (eastern part) Bering Sea Continuation
  • 500 ed4 West Coast Of North America Dixon Ent To Unimak Pass
  • 513 ed37 Bering Sea Southern Part
  • 530 ed39 North America West Coast San Diego to Aleutian Islands and Hawai' ian Islands
  • 12268 ed41 Choptank River Cambridge to Greensboro
  • 12270 ed7 Chesapeake Bay Eastern Bay and South River; Selby Bay
  • 14918 ed25 Head of Green Bay. including Fox River below De Pere;Green Bay
  • 14919 ed25 Sturgeon Bay and Canal;Sturgeon Bay
  • 14925 ed47 Racine Harbor
  • 14934 ed52 Muskegon Lake and Muskegon Harbor
  • 14942 ed22 Lake Charlevoix;Charlevoix. South Point to Round Lake
  • 16006 ed24 Bering Sea-eastern part;St. Matthew Island. Bering Sea;Cape Etolin. Anchorage. Nunivak Island
  • 16011 ed27 Alaska Peninsula and Aleutian Islands to Seguam Pass
  • 16012 ed44 Aleutian Islands Amukta Island to Attu Island
  • 16420 ed47 Near Islands Buldir Island to Attu Island
  • 16440 ed38 Rat Islands Semisopochnoi Island to Buldir l.
  • 16460 ed26 Igitkin ls. to Semisopochnoi Island
  • 16480 ed9 Amkta Island to Igitkin Island;Finch Cove Seguam Island;Sviechnikof Harbor. Amilia Island
  • 16500 ed13 Unalaska l. to Amukta l.
  • 16520 ed6 Unimak and Akutan Passes and approaches;Amak Island
  • 16531 ed41 Krenitzan Islands
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