Support for developers

using GeoGarage API

Base de données

Cartes marines

Georeferencement de cartes nautiques
processed in the GeoGarage Tiling Engine


TileJSON / MBTiles

OGC standards
managed by the GeoGarage API

Build flexible

user interface

embedding GeoGarage charts layers
 with all browser web map APIs & Desktop GIS apps

Compatibility with standard webmapping API

Learn more about how GeoGarage interoperates with your own geospatial solution :

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Compatibility with Destop GIS

GeoGarage layers can also be used via some WMTS protocol in standard Desktop GIS such as : QGIS, ESRI ArcGIS server 9.x/10.1+, Google Earth

GeoGarage API : additional possibilities

On demand the GeoGarage platform can provide additional maritime data accessible with its API, and regularly updated.

For example : GeoGarage Time Zone API : for maritime areas

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

GeoGarage EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) showing maritime boundaries

SRR GeoGarage (worlwide Search and Rescue Regions)

Odoo text and image block