Support for developers

using GeoGarage API

Nautical chart


Georeferenced digital nautical charts
processed in the GeoGarage Tiling Engine


TileJSON / MBTiles

OGC standards
managed by the GeoGarage API

Build flexible

user interface

embedding GeoGarage charts layers
 with all browser web map APIs & Desktop GIS apps

Compatibility with standard webmapping API

Learn more about how GeoGarage interoperates with your own geospatial solution :

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Compatibility with Destop GIS

GeoGarage layers can also be used via some WMTS protocol in standard Desktop GIS such as : QGIS, ESRI ArcGIS server 9.x/10.1+, Google Earth

GeoGarage API : additional possibilities

On demand the GeoGarage platform can provide additional maritime data accessible with its API, and regularly updated.

For example : GeoGarage Time Zone API : for maritime areas

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

GeoGarage EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) showing maritime boundaries